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How to record info

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Hey guys! I have used autoit in the past to help with some of my games, however my use and understanding of it is rudimentary at best. I'm looking to do something and I was hoping y'all can offer some advice.

I want to create some accounts on a website I frequent but have no idea how to do so efficiently. What I was thinking of doing - and likely will end up doing sans a better idea - is simulating mouse clicks/user input. What I would need it to do is: be able to copy and paste information from a txt file; and switch proxies. While this all sounds rather doable, I was wondering if there would be some way to have it record which email was used with which proxy? Could I use an excel file? 

Whats a more efficient way of telling it to grab the next line in a txt file - to use another email/proxy? As of right now, all I can think of doing is using screen coordinates to figure about where the line would be on my screen, but that just seems so wonky.

If yall have any suggestions/criticisms, please feel free to voice them; I would appreciate it greatly.

Anyways, thanks for the help and I hope to hear back. :)

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