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Simplie file open gui & unpack MSI's (wishlist)

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msiexec /a f:zenworkszfdagent.msi /qb TARGETDIR=c:zfd701


similar tools are out however


doesn't work , MSI+CAB file spanned

some others about don't work as good as the CMD line  , however their are some poor sob's that are dyslexic or cant type for shit.

I am dyslexic a bit easy.msi no problem but you get some obscure or Kung-fu Fighting MSI (UTF8 JAP/Chinese/etc odd ball charset) or odd name or just long as all hell

not many users want to make or edit the bat file on that.

open MSI /MUI /etc  get file name

Suggest $:$Filename-unpacked as TARGETDIR=

run the command above Inset file name , Insert filename-unpacked to suggested target dir

IF @ POSIX /UNIX/BSD/LINUX @ Wine run msiexec  equivs . (not required but some one will want this later)

Unpack ? (GO!!!)  (Change) Output Dir  (Quit. )

the defacto MSI command seems to work  however making easier or less unwieldy would be a plus.

Namely some drivers come as a MSI , and no zip format easily available.

slipping them into the BOOT or Install WIM's on windows USB keys makes reinstalls to My friends families and Company client machines less of a tedious chore.

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Hi, necrose99, this post looks like a shopping list of what you would like someone to code for you. Please note that this forum is dedicated to helping members fix and improve their scripts; it is not a place where you submit a request and wait for someone to barf up the code for you. Please post what you have tried on your own thus far, and where you're having problems. Help us help you ;)

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

How to get your question answered on this forum!

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