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Can you not wait for blocking function

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I'm doing some automation using Acrobat and Excel I have a function I wrote for Excel that takes a bit of time to run, and I have to $oJSpdf.saveas($ImgFolder,"com.adobe.acrobat.jpeg") in acrobat. The .saveas method is a blocking function, which usually pauses the script until it has finished executing

If I could start the Acrobat javascript.doc.saveas function and while that's running run the Excel function I wrote, It would save a good minute on the script. The saveas function in acrobat doesn't support this, so I was wondering

Is there some way to run a blocking function and return before it finishes?


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Generally my suggestion would be to split the job into 2 scripts.  Call the second script to do the file save and indicate when it's done perhaps using a windows message.  RegisterWindowsMessage is quite easy to use.

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You could also probably get away with using the Adlib functions and/or even rely on a dynamic value in an ini file.

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