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media player inside your application ?......help


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I know there is a control in autoit to play an avi file inside a gui, but it cannot read many formats...so, my question is:

Is there any way to put the ms media player inside my gui, I DON'T want to put the ms media player itself, only a window that show the media file I want to play, without any buttons or anything.


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I could not make WMPlayer 7 object play movies embedded in autoit, only sound but there is another solution and that is to use my old friend Jeff Glatt's CWebpage library that can be made embedded into a window and play almost any code like mp3, Wave, avi, Vob, .wmv etc. here's a small example script...

; example on useing the medie player object with Jeff Glatt CWebPage library

#include "GUIConstants.au3"
$dll = DLLOpen("cwebpage.dll")

$hwnd = GUICreate("MediePlayer...",419,305,-1,-1)
$pos = WinGetClientSize($hwnd)


$a = '<EMBED src="D:\Video\Anne\Anne_Mette.wmv" hidden=0 autostart=1 loop=1'
$a = $a&' AutoSize=1 AutoRewind=1 ShowControls=0 ShowDisplay=1 VideoBorderWidth=10 VideoBorder3D=0'
$a = $a&' Volume=-1000 mute=0 width=280 height=250 style="border:1 solid red">'
While 1
   $msg = GUIGetMsg()
   If $msg = -3 Then ExitLoop
$ret = DLLCall($dll,"long","UnEmbedBrowserObject","hwnd",$hwnd)

Instate of the EMBED html tag one could use PARAM, for long time ago I wrote a medieplayer with CWebpage library in autoit3 - still downloadable and it uses the PARAM tag if one wants to have a look...

Download at site:


WMplayer Documentation on page


CWebpage library is downloadable from:


kjactive :whistle:

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read documentation related to the library but I don't think that there is any restrictions as I know Jeff to make a lot of freeware applications and non is with licence needs and he included the source code...

kjactive ;)

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