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HELP! Quotation Marks

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Hi i just downloaded AutoIT today and looks pretty interesting, could someone say their definition and description of what it is for and about (YOUR one)

Dont call me a cheat but i've been trying to see if i can get a working Fishing Bot for WoW

I've found some code but when you paste quotation marks dont transfer, i havent been able to look this up yet although i have found out how to annotate some of the script


here is where it is, the code someone posted SEARCH FOR THE NUMBERS 181 (ctrl f)

and the code is there

I do plan on learning some of this for myself but could someone tell me

WHY this happens when you copy and paste

HOW do you stop it

and WHAT is autoIT mainly used for and its capabilities

please also post the script as au3

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WHAT is autoIT mainly used for and its capabilities


autoit was designd for "large pc rollout's" but it is now used for almost evrything with the new functions in the beta.

the maker of the script allso supply'd this file


just rename it to .au3 and your set to go.

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My UDF's:;mem stuff_Mem;ftp stuff_FTP ( OLD );inet stuff_INetGetSource ( OLD )_INetGetImage _INetBrowse ( Collection )_EncodeUrl_NetStat_Google;random stuff_iPixelSearch_DiceRoll

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