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WinExists ( "title" [, "text"] )

stairght from help

look it up like this.....

on your computer press the following

Start > All Programs > Autoit v3 > Autoit Help File

when that loads then press the "search" tab

then type in "WinExist" and press "List Topics"

**** you can do this with any word you want

thats what i do all the time


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;) hello everyone, I´m speak inglish no mush, the help for WinExist is:



Checks to see if a specified window exists.

WinExists ( "title" [, "text"] )


title The title of the window to check.

text [optional] The text of the window to check.

Return Value

Returns 1 if the window exists, otherwise returns 0.


WinExist will return 1 even if a window is hidden.


WinActive, WinWait, WinWaitActive, WinWaitClose, WinWaitNotActive, WinTitleMatchMode (Option)


If WinExists("Untitled -") Then

MsgBox(0, "", "Window exists")



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