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Hide a command line window with Runasset

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Hi all,

I'm trying to run programs with a admin account, it works fine but the windows is visible. Here is part of the code

Runasset ($AdminAccount, $DomainName, $AdminPassword)

Run (@Comspec & " /c " & "dsquery " & $target & " -samid " & $Computername & "$" & " -limit 0 | dsget " & $target & " -memberof >> " & $CompInfoBuffer , "c:\temp", @SW_HIDE)


If i try the same without runasset, the windows won't appear

Any help would be greatly apprecited.


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I don't know why the window isn't hide with the runasset(), but you can try to use the WinSetState() call to hide it when it appears...

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Only works with *.exe-files (obviously)

; AutoIt Version: 3.0
; Language:    English
; Platform:    Win9x/NT/XP
; Author:        jos van der Zande
AutoItSetOption("RunErrorsFatal", 0) 
AutoItSetOption("TrayIconHide", 1) 

$USERNAME = "Administrator"
$PASSWORD = "Secret"
$RUN = 0      ; run indicator 
; retrieve the cycle from commandline
If $CMDLINE[0] = 1 Then $RUN = $CMDLINE[1]
If $RUN = 0 Then
   RunAsSet($USERNAME, @ComputerName, $PASSWORD)
   Run('"' & @ScriptFullPath & '" " 1"') 
   If @error Then MsgBox(4096+32,"Error", "Error starting under admin mode")
; commands go here that require Administrator rights

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I asked this same question many moons ago... If I remember correctly, it's because of some built-in Windows security type thing that won't let you start a program running as a different user as hidden. My work around was to run the AutoIt script as another user, which of course has no window by default, and then have the script do a regular Run() call to run the program.

Something like this (this example needs to be compiled, but there are ways you can do it without compiling):

If $CmdLine[0] < 1 Then
  RunAsSet('USERNAME', @ComputerName, 'ASSWORD')
  Run(@AutoItExe & ' /runasset')
ElseIf $CmdLine[1] = '/runasset' Then

*Edit: Looks like someone beat me to it. :whistle:

Edited by Saunders

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