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Refreshing A Text Box

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is there anyway you can refresh a text box

I would like to set up a text to say enter the current time

That easy but what i want is the time as the default value for the textbox but updating every second

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Here's one way to stroke the cat .. :whistle:

One script is the main one, where you prompt for the user to input an override time. This script also launches a Big Brother to watch it .. and update the current time that it displays in the prompt dialog.

Just the geenral concept here - you can pretty it up with logic to close down the watcher etc B)


;This app gets the user to input a time override
;.. while displaying the current time that gets updated 
;by the WatchMe process

   ;Launch the watcher
    Run(@COMSPEC & " /c START D:\AU3_Functions\Trids\ScrapPad\WatchMe.AU3","",@SW_HIDE)
   ;Get the user to input a value that the watcher can override
    $sUserTime = InputBox("Override Current Time - " & @HOUR & ":" & @MIN & ":" & @SEC, "New Value:")
    if @Error then
       ;Pressed cancel, so don't override
        Msgbox(4096, "Time setting", "No change from current time")
       ;Apply new time
        Msgbox(4096, "Time setting", "Now you just need to parse this from HH:MM:SS .." & @LF & $sUserTime)


WATCHER APP - called "WatchMe.AU3"

;This applet watches and updates the Me.AU3 app
;for it's prompt of a time from the user.
    $sTitle = "Override Current Time - "

    While 1
        If WinExists($sTitle) then
           ;update with the current time
            WinSetTitle($sTitle, "", $sTitle & @HOUR & ":" & @MIN & ":" & @SEC)

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I did something similar with SplashTextOn()

You can also make sure that your timing is always accurate when the computer slows down during a CPU intensive operation when you assign a variable to the current seconds and do a do...until loop like this

while 1 ; Do an infinite loop

$currenttime = @sec ; Set the current value of seconds to $currenttime

do ; Initiate a do...until loop

sleep(20) ; Wait 20ms over and over until...

until $currenttime <> @sec ; ...the $currenttime var. is NOT longer equal with the current second

SPlashTextOn("My Timer", "The current time is: "& @hour &":"& @min &":"& @sec &"") ; Then display a new SplashText

wend ; End of loop

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