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PC dictionary software to text

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Hi everyone!

First of all, I want to apologize for the non-specialized and sometimes even vague terminology that I might use, since I am a complete layman on the matter.

I have the Microsoft Encarta dictionary installed in my pc, and would like to extract in batch all the data, meaning by meaning, into an excel or word text file (utf8). As there's no similar dead-tree version, this is something really useful for learners, not done before thou, so the one to proceed would be the first to get it solved.

I’ve already asked in hacking forums, being the suggestions to ask over here.

Here’s a link with all the installation data :


Hope to hear news son.

Thanks in advance.

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hello and welcome to AutoIt forum, 

apart from being nearly impossible, what you ask violates product EULA, and "this is something really useful for learners"- go learn something more useful.

no wonder you first had to ask in hacking forums - this forum rightfully holds a strong view against hacking and illegalities of all sorts.

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I would like to re-edit my first post, but cannot find how to, so here're a new one.

I should not have posted the link to the software; it was something I was asked in the hacking forum in order for the hacker to "toy" and see how to proceed and just left it on my new post in this forum. 

At no time do I intend to infringe any copyrights; I do own my own version, installed in my pc as I said. I will not share the data with any one; I just want to use it in just a different file format, namely in common paper notes . No one can tell me how to use data that I own because I paid for it, that's over-clear.

Hope to hear news soon. Thanks in advance.


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