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BRSH Client&Agent:: Remote Execute - Remote WMI Execution - Execute With Brsh Windows Agent

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Hi All,

This tool is for IT Managers who manages high number of computers.It gives an easy management  and access to computers.

It is compitable for all windows versions including 32bit/64bit. 

Do not accept any harm or damage that can raise, use this software on your own responsibility 

BRSH Client Abilities:

-Has the ability to start a process, stop/start windows services,and execute many shell commands. 

Client can use it in two ways;

First way if your domain user is authorized person on a computer or if you are a domain administrator  you can use like this;

For Authorized Users and Domain Admins:
           Usage   : BRSH <PCNAME(or IP)> "command"
           Example : BRSH "notepad.exe"
           Note    : Use command in double quates if command contains spaces
           Example : BRSH "D:\SOME FOLDER\notepad.exe" 


Second way the computer is not in domain but you know its administrator user , so you can use like this;

Remote Machines In Workgroup, User Pass Authentication:
           Usage   : BRSH <PCNAME(or IP)> <username> <password> "command"
           Example : BRSH administrator 123456 "notepad.exe"


Client Setup;

Open the BRSH client folder there are two files brsh.exe and authentication.ini place them in to your C:\Windows\System32\ folder then you can work with brsh client on command prompt.

BRSH Windows Agent Abilities;

-Windows Command&Batch Executing

-File processing,

-Start/Stop Windows Services,

-Directory listing,

-Restart or Shutdown computer

-Can tranfer Batch-TXT or any file up to 5MB,

-Connection Security done by Authentication key it has to be the same on both Client and Agent side.

-Agent can respond the executed command output to BRSH Client.

BRSH Windows Agent Setup;

Place the BRSHAgent folder on C: or any place you want then run setup.exe you will see BrshAgent service created and started.Check you authentication.ini file key.Be sure that that key is same on the client side.

You can download and see screenshots from BRSHAgentClientUsageSetup Word document.

Thanks caleb41610 for giving good TCP client Server examples.




BrshExecutables.7z   -Updated





Setup.au3 -Updated   -Fixed the bug which can not install service in some folders.

Uninstall.au3 -Updated

You are free to modify and develop on source codes..



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