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Auto Fill Script from one website to another

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I'm new here so hope this is the right place to post this. I'm new to the webdesign game and as a sideline eager to learn more. But now my lack of scripting is letting me down.

Can a script send pre-packaged information on selection to another site and auto complete there websites search engine parameters? Or in other words... I have a website that has X number of pre-bundled information on it. On selection from a visitor on my site, the selected bundle must be sent to another website to auto complete their search parameters so that the visitor on my site has no need to so so when being redirected.

If so can someone please assist me or just point me in the right direction?

Note: This is running on a Joomla platform...


Thank you very much in advance.




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hello, and welcome to the AutoIt forum.

AutoIt can do it, sure, but this is a client-side solution - very poor choice for a web interface. i believe your solution should be totally web-based, and if Joomla can not do it, i bet PHP can. but anyway, not AutoIt - unless you have just one client machine that this scenario applies for.

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