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Internet Explorer Hidden Scriptin

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Iam trying it now a looong time but i never get it run.

I want to Code a "Bot" in Autoit, that write something in a online Chat while i can use my Pc. So it Should work hidden.

I already be success in doing it, but its not hidden, so i cant use my Pc while the code is working.

Here is The code:

WinSetState ( "", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE )
MouselClick("left", 863, 400, 1)
MouseClick("Left", 700,860, 1)
send("Example Text")


So how can i write it, that it just do it hidden?!

Just Open The Webpage, Enter a Nickname, Click ok and then write something in The Chatbox and send it? Maby do it again and again?

Please help me, i will go crazy.


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