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pixelgetcolor and RGB values

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does _DebugOut(Hex(PixelgetColor(10,10),6)) log the RGB values of the pixel or do I need to use

$a = _ColorGetRGB(PixelgetColor(10,10))

_DebugOut($a[0] & $a[1] & $a[2])

I am asking as I am getting different values for the pixels comparing the information from first option and a screen capture viewed in an image editor.

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Ok. my test has shown that the process of using _ColorGetRGB results in the same Hex values for the RGB as is returned by PixelgetColor.

My problem is relating the RGB values as seen in an image editor as apposed to the RGB values shown by the PixelGetColor.

I have two files that demonstrate my problem.

One is a text file containing the hex values retrieved via PixelGetColor and the other is the extract of the screencapture for the same Window location in a JPG file.

I have uploaded these files to share with you so you can see my problem.



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