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Can't click on link in Internet Explorer (AutoIt rookie)

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I have been using AutoIt for a few days now, and I am trying to login to a webpage and from there click on a tab.
I have been trying all possible things that I have found in the help-files and also things found in this forum, but non of them have worked for me.


The things I have tried to use for accomplishing click the tab in question is both "_IELinkClickByText" and also _IEAction($oSubmit, "click")

Using code that I found here on the forum I managed to open the web-page and also to login on the page.

But from there on to click on the needed tab that is named MyUnit I haven't found any solution too.


The html regarding the tab is here:

<td class="x7b" background="/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/subDimTabBg.gif" style="background-image:url(/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/subDimTabBg.gif);">
<a id="MyUnit" accesskey="." href="#" onclick="submitForm('DefaultFormName',1,{'serverValidate':'1','_oldStyleSubtabClick':'true','_OA_SUB_TAB_INDEX':'1','serverValidate':'1',event:'update',source:'MyUnit'});return false;" title="My Unit" name="MyUnit">My Unit</a>

Any input / suggestions on how to accomplish this I would be very thankful for.


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Thanks for your suggestion,

I will look into that one. I have tried to use _IELinkClickByText on the page in question on some other links too, but neither that seems to work.

So I think I will need to review the whole approach of accomplishing this "clicking business". 

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