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It looks like to me your laptop has enlarged the text in the title bar forcing the buttons out of the way.

In a browser it would be <CTRL> & <+> / <-> to change text size, but that doesn't work here.

Find the control that enlarged it and undo it....that should get you there.

Good Luck ! 

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I am able to reproduce what you show on a WIndows XP machine, although it might not be the reason for your situation. Here is how.

Go to Display properties, (Right click on desktop and choose properties) Select the Appearance tab.

In the Windows and buttons combo I chose Windows Classic Style because that is what your screenshot looked like, though it makes no difference.

Click on advanced. For Item choose Active Title Bar and increase the size. I tried 36.

So maybe you just need to reduce the Active Title Bar size. For me the size is set to 25. Interestingly, setting the Inactive Title Bar is the same because whichever one you adjust the other is made to be equal.

I suspect it is the active title bar that's the problem because in your screenshot the Koda icon is strangely pixilated.

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