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Simple stemming algorithm(convert English words to its base form)

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Are there any existing code to convert English words to its base form? (when we give a word in any form(eg past, singular,plural etc) I want to get the base form of that word. 

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I don't know of any but the underlying data would be something like the Word Roots and Suffix tables found here (Copyright ©):


The irregular application/prefix joining rules and different Greek, Latin & other stem sources I think would make any purely programmed solution (without such tables) impossible (unlike say Turkish or Latin).  

But of course I would love to see something proving me wrong.

Of course there are Verb lists and something could be done or most likely has been done with regular verbs listed in sites such as:


an old English teacher.

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Using the FreeDictonary.com this worked for the few words I tried. Might be a better way than StringTriming but I just did it quickly.

#include <Inet.au3>
$word = InputBox("Root Word", "Enter word")
$string = _INetGetSource("http://www.thefreedictionary.com/" & $word, 'True')
$string = StringTrimLeft($string, StringInStr($string, '<script type="text/javascript">word=')+36)
$string = StringTrimRight($string, StringLen($String) - StringInStr($string, "'") + 1)
MsgBox(0, "Root Word", $String)
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