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how can I get the remaining part of an array thats different sizes?


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     I have a quick question. I have a script thats building different sized arrays for me and I'm writing the data to excel. Heres an example.







[6]4 Door

The data in position 1,2 and 3 will always be written to the same columns in excel. How can I grab the data in the remaining positions and write it to a particular column.


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lets say I want to grab position 5 and 6, would it be something like this?

For $i = 5 to Ubound(myarray)



Ya know, just looking at this, I can pretty much tell it won't work because I'm still telling it a certain position to write. I guess I need to  remove the data from the first part of the array once I've used it and then write the remaining... I think

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