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A few days ago, I was asked to write about a product I love and I chose to talk about AutoIt. I take the perspective of why AutoIt is a great tool to incentivize an individual who is computer literate, but has not yet dabbled in the world of programming. In addition, the blog posts contains eight PowerPoint presentations for an intro course to programming I taught at Rice University aimed at non-technical majors. My approach is basic and non-traditional with a goal to make programming applicable to common everyday computer tasks.

My blog post can be found at this link: http://owlhackers.wordpress.com/2013/10/30/autoit-macro-programming-and-why-you-should-learn/

My presentations include a variety of examples, although they may need some remedial guidance, which I believe is possible through Google.

I welcome any feedback and opinions on how you would structure a course for non-technical majors. I'd also appreciate any positive comments on the wordpress blog, as I'm trying to launch a collaborative technical blog to strengthen the hacker culture at Rice University.

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