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Outlook 2013 - Issues with Send()

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Greetings Fellow Scripters,

Just upgraded from Office 2010 to Office 2013. I use AutoIT to define a set of home-row keystrokes accross the Office applciations and now in In Outlook 2013, Send()  is failing sometimes and not others, as follows:

  1. The Outlook shortcut to set focus on the search box fails to work from AutoIT - Send ("^e"). 
  2. ;...but using handles works just fine
    $hw = WinActivate("Outlook")
    $hc = ControlGetHandle($hw,"", "[CLASS:RICHEDIT60W; INSTANCE:3]")
    $sf = ControlFocus($hc, "", "[CLASS:RICHEDIT60W; INSTANCE:3]")
  3. Using Send ("!") just to activate the menu fails
  4. Send ("!1") fails
  5. Send ("!h")  works just fine ...

Other observations and info.:

  • Attachmode does not help.
  • The main menu in Outlook seems to work more slowly if the speed at which the key combinations display when you press the Alt key. I've tried increasing the delay between keystrokes but that hasn't helped either.
  • I'm not seeing this issue issue with the other office apps


Has anyone tried out 2013 and seen this behavior? Any thoughts on what might be going on would be appreciated.



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