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Need guidance on pulling data from web application and manipulating them

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Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here on AutoIt forums. This is my first time attempting to automate something using AutoIt. What happens is this, I am given a task where I need to run TweetDeck client on my PC and whenever a person whom I am following tweets a certain specific URL I need to click it and fill up some form if required and then record it into a database. I have looked through some help and examples found in the community and my current state is I am able to automate the web form filling. What I need help/guidance right now is how do I pull data out from TweetDeck and how do I keep track on which of the tweets have been read and which are new. I'm trying to find a way where I make AutoIt only reads new tweets everytime it pops up then click on it but I couldn't find anything on using AutoIt with TweetDeck. If anyone could point me in the proper direction or give me guided steps or if possible a working example would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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