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How can i Hide a program using AutoIT?


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Shows, hides, minimizes, maximizes, or restores a window.

WinSetState ( "title", "text", flag )


title The title of the window to show.

text The text of the window to show.

flag The "show" flag of the executed program:

@SW_HIDE = Hide window

@SW_SHOW = Shows a previously hidden window

@SW_MINIMIZE = Minimize window

@SW_MAXIMIZE = Maximize window

@SW_RESTORE = Undoes a window minimization or maximization

@SW_DISABLE = Disables the window

@SW_ENABLE = Enables the window

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I use this to hide BitTorrent ( ;

hotkeyset("{F7}", "toggle")

hotkeyset("{F8}", "e_xit")

run("C:\Program Files\BitTorrent\btdownloadgui.exe","",@SW_HIDE)

$toggle = 1

func e_xit()



Func toggle()

if $toggle = 1 then

WinSetState ( "BitTorrent", "", @SW_SHOW )

$toggle = 0


WinSetState ( "BitTorrent)", "", @SW_HIDE )

$toggle = 1



while 1 = 1


if $toggle = 1 then

WinSetState ( "BitTorrent", "", @SW_HIDE )



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