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Sections running concurrently instead of sequentially

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     I am still learning this stuff. I am more of a Sys Admin who was put in an "Automation Specialist" role. Thanks to this forum, I am learning fast.

     I created a script that does 3 things: uninstall an old version, install pre-req's for new version, install new version. It installs perfectly but the installed software does not work. I found out from the manufacturer that another step is required. Permissions for a folder created during the "install new version" step need to be adjusted. So, I created an ICACLS statement that appears to work. However, when I put it at the end of my script, it runs concurrently with the install script. Therefore, because the folder in question has not yet been created, it fails. I have a WinWaitClose statement in there but it is ignoring it. Here is what I have, the Install and Change Folder Permissions section are the problem:


; Script Start - Uninstall
Run ("<servername>SoftwareECOct13EC_Uninstall.bat")
WinWait ("EnvisionConnect Maintenance")
WinActivate ("EnvisionConnect Maintenance")
Send ("o")
WinWaitClose ("C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe")
WinWaitClose ("EnvisionConnect Maintenance")
; PreReq Install
RunAs ("<admin>", "<domain>", "<admin psswrd>", 0, "C:TempECPrerequisiteBundle.exe")
WinWait ("EnvisionConnect Prerequisites Setup", "This will install")
WinActivate ("EnvisionConnect Prerequisites Setup", "This will install")
Send ("!i")
WinWaitClose ("EnvisionConnect Prerequisites Setup", "Setup Progress")
WinActivate ("EnvisionConnect Prerequisites Setup", "Setup Successful")
Send ("!c")
; Install
RunAs ("<admin>", "<domain>", "<admin psswrd>", 0, "C:TempEC Upgrade.bat")
WinWaitClose ("C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe", "/quiet")
; Change Folder Permissions
RunAs ("<admin>", "<domain>", "<admin psswrd>", 0, "C:TempPermissions.bat")
The EC Upgrade.bat and the Permissions.bat run at the same time! Is it ignoring the last WinWaitClose (in the install section) because that is the second "C:\Windows\System32\cmd" window and it thinks the specified window was already closed? That was my assumption when I added the "/quiet" text but - no change. Any help would be appreciated.
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