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I would like to have timestamps on autoIT traces

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Sometimes I would like to know how long execution of individual AUTOIT statements take.

To do this,

I've used TRACE: ADD TRACE LINES from the tools menu,

and then used REPLACE all on the 

ConsoleWrite('>Error code: ' ...

to change to 

ConsoleWrite(@hour & '_' & @min & '_' & @sec & '>Error code: ' ...

Is there an easier way to obtain the elapsed time for AUTOIT statements?



Is there a way to modify the lines that are inserted by TRACE: ADD TRACE LINES?



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This file implements TraceAdd() function.

C:Program FilesAutoIt3SciTELUAAutoItTools.lua

Good luck :)

thanks for the luck and the Tip! that was a big help. I was able to change the debug.trace.option to 3 and then trace contains :

 SystemTime: 12:35:13

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