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Beginner with AutoIT, and problem with controls...

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Hello !

I'M in my firsts steps with AutoIT, and so far i like it a lot !

We made scripts for Visual Enterprise V6.x. We just instralled Visual Enterprise 7. 

Our scripts stopped to work. The id of the controls are the same. I wrote the good window title.


Before the upgrade, something like  

ControlCommand($handle,"",4104,"Check") ;Single Pass


would work fine.


now i have to use


ControlClick($handle,"",4104) ;Single pass
ControlSend($handle,"",4104 , " ") ;Change state

It works for some checkboxes, but not for all...


i wanted to try this


ControlCommand($handle,"", "[CLASS:Gupta:GPCheck; INSTANCE:1]", "UnCheck", "")

but does'nt work either.

I tried some advices from a post and an other from this forum, but can'T find the key. Maybe i do something wrong!

I have this issue with checkboxes and buttons.


Thanks a lot for your help !


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Maybe this could help you to help me !


>>>> Window <<<<

Title: Costing Utilities - Infor ERP VISUAL Enterprise - TOCA
Class: Gupta:AccFrame
Position: 409, 139
Size: 411, 369
Style: 0x16CA0000
ExStyle: 0x00000100
Handle: 0x00930220
>>>> Control <<<<
Class: Gupta:GPCheck
Instance: 1
ClassnameNN: Gupta:GPCheck1
Advanced (Class): [CLASS:Gupta:GPCheck; INSTANCE:1]
ID: 4100
Text: &Receipt transaction costing (Work Orders)
Position: 24, 99
Size: 244, 21
ControlClick Coords: 60, 8
Style: 0x5603000B
ExStyle: 0x00000000
Handle: 0x0043017C
>>>> Mouse <<<<
Position: 496, 276
Cursor ID: 0
Color: 0xE7E7F7
>>>> StatusBar <<<<
>>>> ToolsBar <<<<
>>>> Visible Text <<<<
Main Toolbar
Run the following steps often to keep inventory costs current
&Receipt transaction costing (Work Orders)
&Inventory transaction costing
Run the following steps monthly when you close the month
Default posting date for journals
Prepare &Purchase Journal transactions
Prepare &WIP/FG Journal transactions
Prepare Ship&ments Journal transactions
Prepare Part &Adjustment Journal transactions
Prepare I&ndirect Tx Journal transactions
Specify any date of period.  System will automatically supply end of period date.
>>>> Hidden Text <<<<
Multiple Runs

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