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How to check the system is Idle


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I know if yu open task manager and check the status bar, yu can get the cpu %. Is there an example to doing that? Is there any other method rather than using task manager?


Here is an example I found in an earlier post

while 1
$rc = StatusBarGetText("Windows Task Manager","",2)

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You can use GetMousePos() and then save the value.  Then later check that against a new GetMousePos() value.

That's how I did it, anyways.


I was thinking the same thing, Josh, but then I remembered that some people don't use the mouse very often. I personally only use the mouse when it's less convenient than the keyboard. I have learned shortcuts for almost everything you can do in Windows and all the apps I use.

So I would suggest watching the mouse, but also maybe check a list of windows to see if any have changed state (minimized, maximized, restored) since the last check. I'm sure there's a DLL that could be tapped to hook the keyboard queue in peek mode to see if any keystrokes or mouse movements have occurred. Search the forum for _IsPressed and dig into the DLL that it's using.

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