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Runstring not working correctly

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Still learning Autoit so be gentle.

Have some code that uses runaswait to deploy an executable, using message boxes and filewrites I have confirmed the runstring passed to the OS is correct - I can copy and paste it into the run command and it installs without a hitch.

I have pushed this to several machines and some seem to install yet others are unable to execute the runstring it would seem - no logs at all to point to the issue.

The user is a domain account and is a member of the local administrators.

My code is below, can you see any issues with this?

Dim $CPClient_RunString 
Dim $Splash

$CP12_RunString = CHR(34) & "NetworkShareReplicated DataSoftDistInstall_CitrixClient_12CitrixOnlinePluginFull_12.3.exe" & CHR(34)  & " DONOTSTARTCC=1 /silent SERVER_LOCATION=" & CHR(34) & "http://XenAppServices/Citrix/PNAgent/config.xml" & CHR(34)

$SPLASH = "NetworkShareReplicated DataSoftDistInstall_CitrixClient_12Splash.bmp"

SplashImageOn("", $SPLASH,370,170)
RunAsWait("domain user with local admin","domain","password",1,$CP12_RunString)

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Please post your script code as a autoit code from this is very esay to read.........

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how are you accessing and executing on the remote machine?

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