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Refresh explorer windows??

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Hi there, can anyone help me with this problem?

i'm making a program for a windows xp.

it uses a gui with 3 buttons:

-show/hide hidden files

-show/hide extentions

-show/hide system hidden files

I've read all forums about this, but no answers were helpfull...

I don't know how to refresh the desktop and the 'explorer windows'

after changing the registry, sendkeys("F5") don't work, and this doesn't help eater:

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I found the problem but can use your help solving it..

the program will open through the context menu (made that with regedit), but here is the problem..

it runs in the current directory were i clicked the context menu and its required to run in the C: folder so i need to find a

way to open it via the context menu but the "run" location must be c:

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