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Finding folder a process was started from

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Hi All,

I am writing a script that watches for a particular application to be running. Once it sees the application running it waits for it to end. When the application ends, the script calls a function to backup the data from that application. The problem I have is that I have two copies of this application on my computer and I need to detect which one is running. Is there a way to see what folder a running process was started from?

Thanks for your help,

JPC ;)

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I'm not quite sure how to do it with AutoIt, but the advanced task manager from www.sysinternals.com gives a lot of details from a process including I think the information you need. It gonna a bit diffcult to get the data to your script, but iit should be poossible.


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Thank you all for replying and for your suggestions. :mad2:

Confuzzled - I had found that thread shortly before you pointed it out. I had to decipher the script to figure out how it was doing what it was doing, but have now successfully integrated the part I needed!


JPC ;)

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