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How to write numbers or letter with automatic cursor?

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Hello. Im sorry this is a stupid question for you but i recently started to use this program... So here is my doubt:

I want to know how i can write numbers or letter in some place (for exemple microsof toffice) with the automatic cursor. I can use the MouseClick till i get to the place where i want to write but than i dont know how to input the numbers or the letters... So i can write something... Please help. Thanks! :) 

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Hi andreramos9,

  And welcome to the forum!  None of your questions are stupid but all of them could beanswered by taking a closer look at the help file.

To use the program you will need to work closely with it as it is full of examples you can practice with and then change to do what you want.

  Specifically the tutorials and the controlsend & send and then when you are ready the User defined functions for Word Excel etc.

Give it a shot, put something together and then come back with a script and a more specific question. ^_^

Good luck!


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