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Need A Util To Have Two Outcomes

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Hi can any see where i have gone wrong or is not even possible

Until $Thirdchar = ":" AND $lenght =5 OR $lenght =8 AND $sixthchar=":"

I want is the lenght of the inputbox is 5 the third charactor must : and

If the lenght is 8 the third and sixth charactor must be :

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Use parentheses and make sure the variables are initialized right:

   $var = InputBox("title", "text")
   $length = StringLen($var)
   $ThirdChar = StringMid($var, 3, 1)
   $SixthChar = StringMid($var, 6, 1)
Until ($ThirdChar = ":" AND $length =5) OR ($length =8 AND $SixthChar=":")

Maybe something like that?

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