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PixelGetColor results greyscale?

Guest KBohl

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Hi everybody, first time autoitx user here.

I am trying to do some image recognition and image copying with autoitx, and I'm trying to use PixelGetColor to loop through and copy an entire image into an image...

The problem I am running into is that even though in the autoit information window I can see the color under the mouse is a reasonable value, when I call PixelGetColor programatically I get a result that is always a scale of grey, in other words the bytes for RR GG and BB are always the same. So my own image, which I copy pixel by pixel, is a grey scale version of the color original.

my code for this is very simple, a nested loop through the image.. I call getpixelcolor and have tried returning the value to a decimal as well as an Int32. I am working in C#. Any one have any idea what is going on here?

Thanks in advance

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