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USMT custom config.xml syntax

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I'm pretty new to autoit scripting and USMT. 

I'm trying to migrate my agencies windows xp to Windows 7. 

I just need to migrate the current logged users profile, but I am trying to copy everything except the "Local Settings" in the users profile.

Here is my script and error log.

This is my custom config.xml (is the "%CSILD_PROFILE% used correctly?)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <component type="Documents" context="user">
        <role role="Data">
                 <pattern type="File">%CSIDL_PROFILE%* [*]</pattern>
                   <pattern type="File">%CSIDL_PROFILE%Local Settings* [*]</pattern>
For my autoit script I'm using the User State Migration Tool Front End
;~ Coded by Ian Maxwell (llewxam @ AutoIt forum)
Here are my scanstate lines.
If $XPMode == False Then
ShellExecuteWait(@TempDir & "USMTscanstate.exe", Chr(34) & $TargetPath & Chr(34) & " /config:config.xml /localonly /vsc /efs:decryptcopy" & $OverwriteArg & $NoCompressArg & $OfflineArg & " /r:" & $TimesToRetryArg & " /w:" & $SecondsToWaitArg & " /L:" & Chr(34) & $LogFile & Chr(34) & " /v:13 /c /ue:** /uel:0 /i:" & @TempDir & "USMTMigApp.xml /i:" & @TempDir & "USMTMigDocs.xml /i:" & @TempDir & "USMTMigUser.xml", @TempDir)
ShellExecuteWait(@TempDir & "USMTscanstate.exe", Chr(34) & $TargetPath & Chr(34) & " /config:config.xml /targetxp /localonly /efs:decryptcopy" & $OverwriteArg & $NoCompressArg & " /r:" & $TimesToRetryArg & " /w:" & $SecondsToWaitArg & " /L:" & Chr(34) & $LogFile & Chr(34) & " /v:13 /c /ue:** /uel:0 /i:" & @TempDir & "USMTMigApp.xml /i:" & @TempDir & "USMTMigSys.xml /i:" & @TempDir & "USMTMigUser.xml", @TempDir)
Please help.


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