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Text (INI) file or database? Which one should I use?

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Greeting Friends,
I need (an) advice(s) again.

My script run by many users on a network drive. It need access (read and write) to a "log" file. I need to decide
should I use a MySQL database for this log or use a text (INI) file. If the text (INI) file used, it will placed on the network drive that every user
have a write permission.

Few "facts":
1. This log file will have around thousand of records/lines, maybe no more then 10,000 records because I will have my script keep only log for the last 7 days.

2. My script will only need to read and write the last few lines of the file.

3. My script will read and write the log files many many times during execution. I need my script to write to the log file in the real time (not only write when
the script exit).

Honestly to say, I prefer to use a text file, because I dont need to alter/create a database on the server and I dont need to put a MySQL write credential
on the script, but if using a text file is not recommended, I'm going to use the MySQL database.

So, which one should I use?

Thanks a bunch in advance :)

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The data is easily obtained either INI or SQL. I'm not too familiar with SQL but with the INI you can create/edit by just one line. With security being a problem INI wouldn't be the best way to store the information cause it is easily read. I only say INI because I know more about reading and writing to it than I do SQL.  Other options to at least keep the honest people out is to hide the INI file.  Even when hidden you can read/write to it.

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@AZJIO: what if using SQL, but actually the file pointer is moving (not stay) while the script running (because it's actively searching for another record/table/database)

@Rogue5099: the log file content will be no secret. Thanks for the idea to let the file in a hidden attribute.

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