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Help needed - URL parsing in the address bar of Firefox

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Hello members,

I would like to have a solution to the following problem:

A proxy website I visit always attaches some random characters in the address bar, while visiting the actual url.

Here is the url displayed:


In the above, I wish to get rid of all of the " http://www.PROXYSITE.com/GO/ABC123/ " part as well as the " /XYZ456 " part, so that I am left only with the pure url www.example.com/thePage.html

Please note the ' ABC123 ' is the only part that is different for every site loaded (along with, of course, the /www.example.com/thePage.html part) while the 3 other parts viz., http://www.PROXYSITE.com, /GO/ and XYZ456 remain the same across all sites visited.

After running my query, I NEED TO BE TAKEN to my url " http://www.example.com/thePage.html " , preferably in the same tab of the url.  (I do not want any extraction of texts anywhere.)

Could you suggest a solution script for this in AutoIt, please?

Thank You in advance!

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That particular proxy, uses cached web pages on their server -- if I understand it properly.

So, what you are seeing in the address bar is a temporary cached page on their server.

You can't get around that -- not and use their services. Maybe some other proxy service...

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Thank You Danp2 and ripdad for your quick replies.  This forum is quite active! :thumbsup:

I have my own reasons to use that site, LOL :D

Meanwhile, I am glad I have found an online solution that works exceptionally well for my needs.

For anyone who is interested, it is the bookmarklet found at urlparser dot com slash bookmarklet .  Combined with the 'Text Link' extension for firefox which I was already using, it is almost THE solution I was looking for.  (I just had to enable another option for the context menu in its settings.)

Thank You everyone; have a nice time! :bye:

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