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FFF - FireFoxFuctions


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Created some time ago but forgot :)

FFF - FireFoxFuctions - some download related functions for FireFox since original FF.au3 still lack them.

Names of functions is pretty clear:

_FF_AddDownload_DM --> Add new download to Firefox download manager using nsIDownloadManager (This interface is deprecated as of Firefox 26)

_FF_AddDownload_TR --> Add new download to Firefox using nsITransfer (should work in any FF 10+)

_FF_GetDownloadState_List --> Return number or list of States of all downloads currently presented in Firefox

_FF_GetDWNLDFilename --> Return Filename of file on server (especially useful in case URL = "http://www.site.com/?fileid=8888"

_FF_GetHTTPheaders --> Returm HTTP header(s)

for work <FF.au3> is needed. latest is here :

do not forget mozrepl extention for Firefox


Update to version 1.1

functions _FF_AddDownload_DM() and _FF_AddDownload_TR() now can download and save files in unicode. Or, more correctly, can work with file names in code pages, different from you windows code page. I think. ^_^


use with caution. bugs newer sleep :)

FFF - FireFoxFuctions UDF.zip

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