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Autoit Scripts on different windows server - view status, send instructions

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Hey I have several Windows 2008 servers running autoit scripts.

I would like a way to see if the script is working without having to rdp each server.

I would also like to be able to send instructions to each server script using a common place.

My thoughts so far.

I could use a website that the script checks every hour or so for something like script1=start, script1=pause, script1=download and run new script

I would need to also see the status of the script on the page. 

So say 5 scripts would each have their own place on the page to post their status or running timestamp.


My question is simple. What kind of form, page, document can I run on a website that has something similar to cells or areas to pull and post text that can be identified for each script as their area.

Also, I would not necessarily want this to be visible to others but dont want a complicated login either. -perhaps I could post the form/page in an obscure folder name or something.

Any ideas or examples of web enabled fields that autoit can post to or read from?

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well this sounds kinda silly to me because I think autoit and do just about anything anyone could think up.  But if it were me i would make a simple file.... say a .txt document.  Upload it to the net or whereever  you want it.  but make it so its easily downloadable.  so that your master script goes to the url downloads the file.  opens the file , reads the file.  compares the file to preset variable definitions that you have already preset.  Then executes your commands. Deletes the file 

If you feel like going bananas and creating a simple webpage, you could simply copy the info from the page to the clipboard, assign that info to an array then blah blah blah.   it doesn't really matter how the data is formatted just as long as you use delimiters to split it up. <scrpt1 = command <scrpt2 = command< so you have an easy way to stringsplit().  

I got it just make each of your scripts its own private FB page and you can post status updates on there till your blue... that would be sweet.

I'm gona write a FB script that systematically goes thru every user on FB and Frequests them.  Im gona have like a zillion friends.

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