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i need help.

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Ok, How do i put a timelimit kinda thingy, To my function?

As in, If my _sendabc() function took longer then 60 seconds, i would like it to exit the Do Loop, And call the _tooktolong() func, how can this be done?

And i can't take out the do loop in _sendabc(), my script needs it.

here is an example(this is not my actual script)

Func _sendabc()

local $int = 0



$int = 1

Until $int = 1

if not @error And $int = 1 Then

return 1


return 0



Func _tooktolong()

tooltip("_sendabc took longer then 60seconds.",0,0)

return 1


i've been trying to do it for hours, please help if you can.

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You need to use TimerInit() and TimerDiff(). Call TimerInit() before the start of your loop, and call TimerDiff() inside the loop to check the timeout has not occurred. If it has, exit the loop (either with ExitLoop or a condition in the Until statement).

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