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Using AutoIt for Controlling Web Pages?

Only me

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Hi all :-)

How can i use 'AutoIt' for controlling Items like ListBox and Edit boxes on a web

page? lets say that i loader an internet page that contains Edit boxes and List

boxes to my internet explorer browser, how can i use AutoIt for filling this Edit

boxes with strings that i want, and to choose the index that i want from the list

boxes? (Item in index 87 for example) also, how can i use it for auto clicking on

links in this page?

Thanks very much!

Only me.

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Where is it? can you please give me a Direct Link?


Look at  Internet Explorer UDF Automation from Dalehohm in V3 Forum Developpers. It's an excellent way to control listbox and azll others things on the web via DOM Specification


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Lookup DaleHolm in the members list and checkout his topics.

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