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FileDialogsEx problem

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I've been using this udf for a while but with smaller dialog windows so I never noticed this issue. Once I made the dialog window bigger to where it was covering the windows task bar, the task bar now pushes the initial dialog window opened up above it changing its x/y positioning. All subsequent dialog windows I flip through will then keep their proper x/y positions and cover the task bar with no issue.

When I close the dialog window and go back in, the same thing happens. So it's always the initial dialog window.

Any ideas?

The only thing I can think to do as my next step is to hide the windows task bar when the app starts and bring it back when i exit which shouldn't be a major inconvenience for my app needs....once I figure out how to actually do that lol. But I first rather see if this is just how this operates or if there's a solution.

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