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Pick the handle of a window from PID


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Is it possible to pick a window HANDLE from the process name or from the PID of a process (better)?

If not (as I think) is it possible to introduce a new command as "WinGetHandle ( "title" [, "text"] )" but in the form "WinGetHandle ( "PID" )" in the next AutoIt version?

Use of PIDs and HANDLEs is better than window title 'cause window titles can change often. So I think new commands that use PIDs and HANDLEs are necessary.

Another feaure request, if I can: Perl Compatible RegEx implementation.

I suggest the implementation of various commands contained into Hamster (http://www.tglsoft.de) for RegEx manipulation.

Thank you in advance,



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bad thing is that one PID can have lots of windows

I had a info tool wich could show controls and windows

explorer had like 100 windows all hidden mostly


Oh, this is bad ;)(

And a command to place into an array all the windows title, the handle and the PID?

Something like the one for the titles only, so to creat e an array like this:

ar[0][0][0][0] = [PID][processname][window1][handle1]

ar[0][0][1][1] = [PID][processname][window2][handle2]

ar[1][0][0][0] = [PID1][processname1][window1][handle1]


Is it possible? I think this could be very useful.



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