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How to Click Item/Link from ListBox type ?

Only me

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I loaded an internet Web Site into my Internet Explorer, this page contains some

kind of a box (like the one that i'm typing my message in right now) that have

a scroll bar on it's side, and inside it there is a long list of links, 5 links in each

line, something like this -

Line1_Link_1 Line1_Link_2 Line1_Link_3 Line1_Link_4 Line1_Link_5

Line2_Link_1 Line2_Link_2 Line2_Link_3 Line2_Link_4 Line2_Link_5

Line3_Link_1 Line3_Link_2 Line3_Link_3 Line3_Link_4 Line3_Link_5






and so on....

Manualy i can scroll down the list (using the scroll bar) and click on the link that

i want, for example on 'Line2_Link_4', but i need to do that automaticaly, so how

can i do that? also where can i download the application that you are talking about


Thanks very much!

Only me.

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