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Selecting an item in Listview

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Hi Guys,

i'm trying to test existing software with AutoIT and i alredy can do some small stuff with all the help here onthe forum after reading several threads.

But i have a problem with the listview properties.

My panel has 3 different small panels, 1 Treeview and 2 listviews.

After selecting an item in the treeview, i have to select a item in the 1st listview on which items appear in the 2nd listview.

But i have problem with the 1st listview. It contains listitems with checkboxes and i need to check if a checkbox is checked and if not, it needs to be checked.

i made the following code:

ControlTreeView( "Open", "", "SysTreeView321", "Select", "tree1|tree2|tree3")
ControlListView( "Open", "", "SysListView321", "Select", 2)
GUICtrlSetState ( 8102, $GUI_CHECKED )

8102 is the ControlID i got of the Listview from the Window Info Tool...

Can anyone help me?

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