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[total noob question] is autoit suitable for my purpose?

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I'm embarassed to ask about this but I'm a total newbie to autoit. I want to create a game bot for a simple 2D game that deploys all my troops at a particular village based on the amount of resources (gold) it has otherwise click on next. Once deployed, it has to click on my barracks, make new troops and start looking for new villages to attack.

the amount of gold available to loot is displayed in one corner of the screen and always at a fixed location.



I'm not asking somebody to code for me. I just want to know if its possible for autoit to do the following

1) read gold available (OCR?) and decide whether or not to attack (attack if gold is >100k otherwise click next)

2) go to my barracks and train new troops for fresh attack after a successful attack

3) restart the whole process

If yes, I would greatly appreciate some pointers in the right direction. If no, I would love to hear about any alternative way to help me achieve this.

ps : troops are deployed by mouse clicks and while I can use a simple autoclicker to deploy troops on to every village, most of them have very little gold and I may end up losing more than I gain because training troops is expensive.

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