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Open another script within a script

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I was wondering if it's possible open another script within a script.

Here's my scenario:

I have scripts (call it Script A, Script B, Script C... I have 22 of these) that are very similar to each other, apart from a few lines of code. Those few lines of code I need to change fairly often, and when I need to change it, all 22 of them need to change which I have to do it one by one manually. You can imagine this takes a long time.

I was thinking if its possible to put these few lines of code in a separate script, so when Script A, B, C etc. need to run those few lines of code, instead, it would now open this separate script instead.

I've read in the forums opening another script within a script is possible, but it would not be able to carry data (like Variables) over from the original script to the separate script - carrying data over to the separate script is essential for me.

What can I do?

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Look in the helpfile: Command Line Parameters

You can call single lines of script in a new process, or call other scripts with params.

Probably better just to have switch cases, calling different functions.

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