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Cannot register internal error handler with IE.au3 and InetAttach.au3

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--> IE.au3 V2.4-0 Warning from function internal function __IEIsObjType, Cannot register internal error handler, cannot trap COM errors (Use _IEErrorHandlerRegister() to register a user error handler)



You can replace __IEIsObjType with every other _IE.au3 function that gets ran, and I get that warning being spammed in the console. Strange thing is that this only occurs when I have both IE.au3 and InetAttach.au3 included in the script. If I remove InetAttach.au3 the warnings go away.
I'm pretty sure it's because InetAttach.au3 hasn't been updated in a long while and gone through the same changes IE.au3 has with COM error handling (and I can't even find it on this site or even google anymore). But just thought I'd post it for anyone else that sees this happening and/or if someone has fixed it they can post a response.


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