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foreign char key entry using keyboard hook not releasing keyboard correctly


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I often have to enter foreign characters using a us keyboard and the alt keys. But many applications such as browsers react badly to some of the keys, and I end up having to enter them in Notepad and then copying and pasting the characters.

So I tried to make a hot key script that waits for Win-F6, then hooks the keyboard, and stores the characters in a string. If all the characters are numeric, when there are 4, it should put the corresponding ANSI character into the clipboard and release the keyboard (function ChrW()).

For example, if I type '0252', it should put 'ü' into the clipboard. But it doesn't till I also exit the script. There are debug tooltip and consolewrite statements, but I'm not getting anywhere. I would appreciate if someone could have a look. Thanks! <snip>

The code is attached.

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It works for me on Autoit on Win7 x64 (it keyboard)

(on win XP sp3 AutoIT -> crash of autoit).... ?

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small minds discuss people average minds discuss events great minds discuss ideas.... and use AutoIt....

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