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foreign char key entry using keyboard hook not releasing keyboard correctly

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I often have to enter foreign characters using a us keyboard and the alt keys. But many applications such as browsers react badly to some of the keys, and I end up having to enter them in Notepad and then copying and pasting the characters.

So I tried to make a hot key script that waits for Win-F6, then hooks the keyboard, and stores the characters in a string. If all the characters are numeric, when there are 4, it should put the corresponding ANSI character into the clipboard and release the keyboard (function ChrW()).

For example, if I type '0252', it should put 'ΓΌ' into the clipboard. But it doesn't till I also exit the script. There are debug tooltip and consolewrite statements, but I'm not getting anywhere. I would appreciate if someone could have a look. Thanks! <snip>

The code is attached.

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It works for me on Autoit on Win7 x64 (it keyboard)

(on win XP sp3 AutoIT -> crash of autoit).... ?

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    • rodent1
      By rodent1
      For my job, I often have to enter accented foreign characters. The normal Windows method is while pressing Alt, typing a numeric code in the numeric keypad with numlock on. But then, you have to make sure your numlock is on, or the result of your typing may be unpredictable! And if you are using a laptop or a tablet with a tablet keyboard, there is no numeric keypad.
      What this script does:
      It waits for Win-F6 to start capturing numeric keypress events. The pressed keys are not written, the typed characters are queued. When 4 numbers are queued, the corresponding foreign character is sent to the app.
      Also there are a lot of characters, and I don't always remember the numeric code I need. So if I press Win-F7, a gui is displayed, it allows me to pick my font, and I can copy the character I need from there and paste it in my running app.
      To compile or run the code, you will have to use the beta run/beta compile etc with autoit or better.
      And many thanks to Mikell for his help. Enjoy!