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Random Variable?


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Is it possible to have a few variables, then have the send command use 1 of the variables?


I want a variable that contains different colors such as... red, purple, green, blue, and orange.

Then I would use the send command...

Send( "The random color is... " & $random )

Now is there any way I can get $random to display a random color when the send command is run?

Thanks in advance ;)!

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Heres how I would do it:

$random = Random(1, 5, 1)
If $random = 1 Then
ElseIf $random = 2 Then
ElseIf $random = 3 Then
ElseIf $random = 4 Then
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I've been working with php lately (reworking a school site from pure html to simple php stuff), so I've had to work with easy modifications to the site (god bless csv files :mad2:). I guess it gets you thinking of how not to use if...then statements for every option ;)

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