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window color inversion


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You could do a pixel map of the window then create a bitmap that layed on top of what you wanted I supposed. The bigger question is what are you using to edit the graphic? AutoIt out of the can may not be able to do it, but then again there are many here who are better coders than me and may know a trick or two.

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What is the graphic being ran in? That is the big question. Odds are the graphic you want to tweak is locked by the app that is running it. For example if the app is in flash then the graphic is embedded in the swf file. If you are talking video then that would be way out of my league of coding. I did find this:

but it may not be much help.

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To invert the color of an image or the magnifier preview GUI is easy to do but for color scheme of the desktop including all GUIs I don't know.



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