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assigning a variable with a number from a string..

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god i'm embarressed to ask this, but what is the correct way to assign a string to another string along with a variable..


lets say i have a do until loop running, and I need to make an undetermined amount of strings...

so.. like..

$string & $number = $data


$string[$number] = $data

or how would you do this? I need to read the strings later but i don't want to have to put all the info in like a text box or something outside of the gui..

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You should use an array, for example

#include <Array.au3>
Dim $avArray[10]
for $i = 1 to 9
  $avArray[$i] = "blah"

To realize a dynamic array with a unknown number of entries you have to resize the array at runtime using ReDim.

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