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how 2 move somthing

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it wan to move filles 2 that directory but if i do it like this it only works on my pc:S

does anyone got a code that it can move on any pc 2 that direction

C:\Documents and Settings\infernothebest\Local Settings\Application Data\pss\


you're going to have to make the directories if they don't exist
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that command i know but ferther i wanna make it work on every computer not only mine because my username is infernothebest and a othter is administrator etc


the simple answer is use a different folder that does exist on every computer, like @WorkingDir. What i think you're actually trying to ask is how to create new users on a machine with your script. Because of your previous posts, i think you're probably writing a virus or trojan anyway, so i'm definitely not going to help you with that.
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